Year 8 Options

Your child will be embarking on their GCSE qualifications in a foundation year in September 2022. At City Academy Norwich we have introduced the move to GCSEs in Year 9, a year earlier than in many local schools, in order to allow our students the opportunity to develop greater depth and understanding in their chosen subjects whilst still retaining the breath of study offered at Key Stage 3.

The curriculum which your child will be following for the next three years contains a compulsory core section, but there is also a significant element of choice which needs careful planning. This website is designed to help you and your child choose the courses they will follow.

We offer a variety of GCSEs and vocational courses. These courses can suit students who find studies connected to the workplace interesting. As well as this there is a greater amount of the work assessed on these courses through the means of coursework and not just by final examination.

We encourage the majority of students to choose subjects that are going to provide them with a broad and balanced learning experience. Your child will be in education now until they are eighteen years of age. It is important that you and your child think clearly now about options choices so that their journey into college / sixth form / apprenticeship and ultimately University of work placement is a smooth one. Choosing subjects which interest them, and that they are making good progress in is essential.

The individual student is at the heart of City Academy Norwich, and we aim to work with you and your child to ensure that the curriculum they choose reflects their ambitions and goals.

We look forward to supporting you and your child at this important time in their school journey.

Thank you for visiting, and if you have any questions about Year 8 Options please get in touch via this email:

With best wishes,

Mr P Collin