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To work creatively allows students to express themselves in a personal manner, building self-awareness and confidence. Students are encouraged to engage their imagination, to experiment with art materials and ideas and in turn enhance their understanding of the world around them. With praise and recognition, we equip students with a transferable skills base, developing creative individuals alongside Works of Art.

Our stimulating learning environment offers a wide range of Art activities and experiences which contribute to the creative, cultural, social, moral and individual development of students. We encourage individuality and originality, raising the self-esteem of students by valuing their ideas and opinions and celebrating individual and collective successes. Our curriculum uses ‘real life’ contexts to echo the creative industries outside of the classroom. We have exciting projects at all key stages to inspire and engage students. They have the opportunity to work in a variety of materials both 2D and 3D, gaining knowledge and applying skills. We develop students’ appreciation of both contemporary art and art of the past and provide expertise from teachers, technicians, classroom support and visiting artists. We track pupils progress ensuring students are aware of current working levels, target levels and how to get there. Students are involved in marking their work and that of their peers. We encourage all students to form and express opinions about their own work and the work of others to encourage critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

Please visit our Youtube channel to see some examples of what we do.

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