Meet the Team

Mr Guardi

Leader of Department

Miss Hulme

Geography Teacher

Mrs MacIntosh

Geography Teacher

Welcome to Geography

Welcome to the CAN Geography department where our aim is to give every student the opportunity to see the world beyond our window. We provide the opportunity for discovery of new places, new lifestyles, new possibilities, and travel of the world through education. We are here to build connections through our knowledge of space and place including the interactions of the physical and human worlds.

We want every student to be inspired to learn more about the world than what they see around them, and also to thrive on discovering how our planet works and how we interact with it.

Students at CAN are given the chance to be both physically and mentally involved in geography through fieldwork, virtual learning and in class learning, giving them a well rounded view of our world. The skills they learn within Geography will go on to support them, no matter what path the choose, due to the diverse range of activities they receive lesson to lesson. This will including elements of Maths, English, Science, History, Creativity, Computing, Photography, exam skills and many more.

We aim to give every child the same chance by helping students see that the world is ours to uncover. A knowledge of our earth and the relationship we have with it helps us to see the world as a much smaller place: an easier place to understand, thrive in and conquer.

We have a debating club which allows our students to discuss the questions and world issues that we face everyday. It gives our students a safe and judgement free platform to share their thoughts and opinions, but also to gain acceptance of others especially those with opposing beliefs.

We also aim to improve the schools green footprint being part of the EcoSchools initiative, helping to better care for our planet one step at a time. This goes hand in hand with our school allotment project, school chickens, wildlife area and our recycling systems.

We look forward to meeting your child and helping them achieve their goals, wherever in the world that may take them.


Geography: the journey through CAN

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