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Mrs Lee

Leader of Maths

Mr Cabezola Guerra


Miss Beckett


Miss Hayes


Miss Kent


Mrs Crickmore

Acting Deputy Headteacher

Welcome to Maths

Mathematics is all around us, in everything we do. It is the building block for everything in our daily lives, including mobile devices, architecture (ancient and modern), music, art, money, engineering, sports and even a game of Fortnite. A good knowledge of mathematics will help you to understand current issues and develop transferable skills needed throughout life.

At City Academy Norwich we believe in providing a rigorous academic curriculum based on a mastery style. Students will study from a variety of topics including Number, Algebra, Geometry and Data. Each year will build on previous knowledge in a carefully sequenced order.

At G.C.S.E we follow the Edexcel exam syllabus. There are 2 tiers of entry Higher and Foundation. The final decision on individual tiers of entry will be made after mocks in Year 11.

Our aim is for all children to enjoy mathematics and have a secure and deep understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts and procedures. We aim for our students to develop a growth mindset and have a positive attitude towards mathematics. They will become confident with mathematics, become problem solvers who can reason and think logically, work systematically and apply their knowledge to a variety of different situations. Those who wish to take their study of mathematics further have the deep understanding to be able to do so successfully.

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What are we learning?

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