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Welcome to Photography

In Photography, students learn a wide range of skills, techniques and apply these in a variety of interesting and engaging ways.. Our projects focus on encouraging students to investigate the world around them through the lens of a camera, learning to look at the world in alternative ways.

Students have the opportunity to learn to use a Digital SLR camera, building complex technical knowledge as the projects progress. We encourage students to produce both experimental and traditional images; to understand the workings of a camera but also how to use cameras to create new exciting images.

Students learn how to use Photoshop to edit their photoshoots. We also teach students how to use the darkroom to develop images using photographic paper and chemicals. They also have the opportunity to use older techniques such as cyanotypes and photograms.

Our projects are specific and personalised to our students. We look at themes such as Locality, Architecture and Self identity. Students also develop skills in Macro photography using camera extension tubing and clip on lenses. Students investigate the work of different photographers, learning to form and express their opinions, to be critical and inspired at the same time. We want to produce reflective practitioners who are able to communicate and interact visually with the world around them.

Please visit our Youtube channel to see some examples of what we do.

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