Meet the Team

Mr Ryczanowski

Leader of Department

Mr Buckley

Second in Department

Mr Coyne

Deputy Assistant Leader of Faculty

Mr Walker


Mr Curtis


Dr Barrett

Senior Science Technician

Mr Simpson

Science Technician

Welcome to Science

At City Academy Norwich our Science Department has a vision that all pupils should be passionate about the Sciences and see the application of their study in everyday life. We accomplish this by establishing a strong foundation of understanding across a variety of concepts at Key Stage Three before skillfully scaffolding pupils learning and developing these fundamental ideas into more complex theories at Key Stage Four. Our lessons are applied to real-world situations and scenarios, allowing students to draw links between what they are learning about, the world around them and any future career options.

In year 9 pupils will take the next step on their 5-year curriculum journey and begin to study GCSE topics. Students will undertake either the AQA Combined Science or AQA Single Science route. In both of these, students will engage with topics across all three of the sciences, with students mastering the cornerstones of each discipline such as the structure of the Atom, Cells, and Forces. Both pathways also include great opportunities to further develop pupils’ hands-on practical skills, encouraging them to ask deeper questions and seek answers through the Scientific method.

Our Combined Science curriculum provides students with the opportunity to hone their key transferable skills such as understanding abstract concepts, logical thinking and the application of mathematical skills. In addition to this, the Single Science pathway is the perfect pathway into post-16 Science study as it takes students understanding a step further by focusing in more detail on Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Following this students may go on to study A-levels in Chemistry, Physics or Biology, or BTEC's in Applied Science or Health and Social Care. These in turn prepare students to follow a career in Science, be this directly in fields such as medicine or engineering, or by applying their understanding to jobs in construction or healthcare.


As shown by our roadmap you will study the following topics in year 9.

Biology: Cells, Organisation, Infectious Diseases

Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Bonding, Chemical Changes

Physics: Energy, Particle Model, Atomic Structure and Forces

Example Work