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Welcome to Art Textiles

At City academy our aim is to enhance the enjoyment of designing and making using textiles materials. This means that students have the opportunity to design products and make them using fabrics, and techniques such as; embroidery, embellishment and fabric printmaking. The Textiles curriculum works hand in hand with the Art and Design curriculum so as students progress to KS4 it teaches students to record and use visual language creatively and thoughtfully, developing an awareness of a varied range of artists to inspire their ideas. Textiles enables students to develop a varied range of employable life skills including problem solving, creative thinking, and confidence. Due to its practical nature, our curriculum encourages students to be resourceful, resilient and self-critical which are integral to creativity.

Please visit our Youtube channel to see some examples of what we do.https://youtube.com/channel/UCBx_03hTWTVZ-t98jTszwGA

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Textiles: the journey through CAN

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